ST-D-1 Laboratory PP Drip Rack

Drying Racks

Drying racks are for draining and drying labware. They may sit on the benchtop, be wall-mounted, or hang over a lab sink. Racks may include pegs or other adapters that keep the labware inverted while drying. Drying racks may be made from plastics (polystyrene, polypropylene), metal (wire), or hardwood. Some drying racks have heating elements or hot air features.


Laboratory PP Drip Rack / Pegboard
Material: high-density corrosion-resistant PP
Style: single-sided, double-sided
Process: The panel and the base adopt an integrated design, made of one-time injection molding, and the drip stick is detachable.
Drip stick: 27 sticks, double-sided, 54 sticks, 52 sticks, double-sided 104 sticks
Color: black, gray, white, color can be customized

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