ST-T-4 Fumex fume extractor

The original exhaust arm is an ideal device for extracting welding dust, smoke and non-combustible dust in workshop.

The original (Fumex & Nederman) smoke exhaust arm is a perfect solution for welding smoke emission in workshop. Our products ensure optimal smoke capture capability and maneuverability. The extractor is suspended on the rotating equipment. The product is equipped with two groups of 360 degree rotating devices, and the cover mouth can be independently rotated 360 degree. This makes the extraction arm flexible in all directions and very easy to locate. The original arms can be mounted on exhaust rails or fixed or portable filtration equipment with different supports and telescopic arms. Can be mounted on ceiling, wall, worktable or extended support. A wide variety of accessories offer unlimited possibilities to match the needs of any workplace.



Technical data
Airflow (CFM)65cfm-290cfm
Extraction arm diameter (in)3in-4in
Fume temperatureMax 100 C
InstallationIndoor installations
MaterialThe joints and pipes are made of PP plastic. TPE anti-slip joint damping seal. Polypropylene plastics
Noise level (dB)58dB-62dB
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